Ford Hopeful for Auto Industry, Production Outlook

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The auto industry has been affected significantly by many supply chain challenges over the past two years: a global pandemic, multiple logistics strikes, and semiconductor chip shortages. All of which severely impacted automakers’ ability to continue with manufacturing and keep up with consumer demand. With so many struggles happening simultaneously, Ford Motor reported that for […]

Crucial Metal to Drive Electric Vehicles in Short Supply

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In line with greener initiatives, many agree that vehicles that run on electricity rather than fossil fuels will be the way of the future. However, a significant lack of the metals necessary to make this happen threaten the production of electric automobiles and other sustainable alternatives to machines that operate on fossil fuels. Metals such […]

EU Divided on Disconnecting Russian Energy

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European Union ministers met to discuss a strategy for moving away from oil and gas supplied by Russia. While heavy sanctions have been implemented on Russia by the EU and other world allies, the EU still remains heavily reliant on Russian fossil fuels. Though the EU ministers seem to be in mutual agreement of the urgency […]