Unusually Quiet Hurricane Season-But It’s Not Over Yet

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Atmospheric conditions still suggest an above-average 2022 Atlantic hurricane season, according to NOAA’s annual mid-season update. While the NOAA continues to urge people to remain vigilant as we approach the peak months for hurricane season, experts have noted an unorthodox observation: though conditions in the Atlantic seem perfect, it’s been unseasonably calm. However, this observation […]

Vital Natural Gas Line Stops Under Mysterious Circumstances

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The Nord Stream pipeline is a pipeline that delivers gas from Russia to Greifswald, Germany; it is responsible for supplying approximately 35% of Europe’s natural gas. In early June of this year, the pipeline announced that it would be closing for 1 – 10 days for routine maintenance. It has since stopped supplying Europe altogether. […]

Evaporating Rivers Causing Food and Energy Price Increases

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Europe is worried because their rivers are running dry after a long period of unseasonably hot and sunny weather. This lack of water is not only impacting supply chains, but crops as well. Some waterway levels have decreased to a point where it’s impossible for any kind of vessel to pass through. Europe is currently […]