TCC—An Environmentally Conscious Company

The concept of being environmentally conscious has permeated the public’s consciousness and has influenced several industries to become more aware of their responsibilities. For some companies and industries, becoming environmentally responsible requires major decisions and adjustments, equating to years for changes to take effect. The chemical industry is no exception. The Chemical Company (TCC) is proud of its decades of encouraging an environmentally conscious protocol and continues to be part of the industry’s movement.

In reflection, we have found that many of our efforts follow this mindset. As our President, Robb Roach recently discussed in an interview with ICIS, that our environmentally friendly achievements had surpassed this trend. Our environmental accomplishments reach back to years of sub-conscious striving to be a well-run company.


Travel is a necessary part of doing business for many organizations. Our team travels daily to local and distant destinations to speak directly with customers and producing partners. We encourage planning trips with less flying and longer stays to do our part in reducing emissions from frequent flights. Many of our sales team members enjoy discovering new locations while meeting with several different companies during a trip.

Other environmentally friendly considerations during travel

  • Provide fuel-efficient vehicles for our sales team
  • Work with reputable shipping companies whose trucks meet all standards and regulations
  • Encourage carpooling – Some of our team members have carpooled to our office headquarters for years to save on gas and reduce emissions while adding some pre-work team bonding to their commute.


TCC offers over a dozen different product lines to meet our customer’s needs. We focus on several industries and specifically provide options to source recycled or bio-based products in our array of offerings.

We value having a variety of products in our portfolio to provide our customers with multiple options to fulfill their requirements. A few examples of products we offer that are recycled or are used to develop environmentally friendly products are below:

  • Sustanol
  • Bio-based derived from malaises
  • Bio content in the bottles
  • BIO PG
  • Propylene Glycol derived from glycerin
  • Bio-succinic acid
  • Citric Acid – fermentation process (corn production mid-west)


The Small Details

As a large company, we understand that little details add up to a big impact. The small efforts of many drive the difference. At our yearly convention, and monthly during team updates from our principals, we remind our teams from across the country to take small, efficient steps.

  • A filtered water fountain in the head office reduces bottled water consumption
  • Printing and paper are limited to vital documents, opting to use a shared drive to access important documents and files.
  • We plan carefully for events and tradeshows. Our marketing team considers promotional product options, booth construction, and other details to opt for a lean approach to show preparation.

This article sparked further discussion amongst our team at headquarters, and we heard a great story to share.

Our Marketing Manager, Jessica Baker, noted that while attending the IFT trade show in Chicago, Illinois, she opted for public transportation instead of taking an Uber or renting a car for the week.

“I enjoy functioning as a local when I visit a new city. In Chicago, the O’Hare International Airport is about an hour drive from downtown Chicago, especially during high traffic times. For $5, I took the “L” blue line, similar to Boston’s subway system, although above ground. It was faster, and I enjoyed seeing more of the city this way.”

We are proud to have a team that endeavors to be environmentally conscious whether that be with small daily efforts or looking to source new bio-based products for our customers.


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