April 2017: The View from Jamestown


Market Updates

 The Trump Effect
An inconsistent tone and policy plan from President Trump and international leaders has built uncertainty among global petrochemical supply chains. To read the full report from ICIS, click the above image.

RODIS Robot Improves Pipeline Safety
Diakont, a Russian-based company with offices in San Diego, CA, is developing RODIS, a robot with the ability to scan pipelines that have never before been able to be checked. To read the CNBC full feature, click the above image.

Dollars & Cents

$1.00 USD =

0.935 EUR
0.784 GPB
108.412 JPY
18.50 MXN

As of: 4/18/17

Product Update

The Chemical Company is proud to add Butanol and 2 Ethylhexanol (2-EH) to its expanding product line. See informational product videos on each of the products above. To read more, click the product name.

Upcoming Tradeshows & Events

PLASTEC New England

May 3-4, 2017
Boston, MA

PLASTEC New England is a comprehensive industry showcase for the latest equipment, products, and services from national and international exhibitors related to the plastic industry. The conference is a forum for industry professionals to collaborate, share knowledge, and improve business relations in the industry.  

APIC 2017
May 18-19, 2017
Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

The 2017 Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference focuses on major industry issues happening across Asia and around the globe.
The 2017 conference theme is, “The Promise of Carbon Chemistry: Pathway to a Sustainable Future.”

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What’s Happening at TCC?

Congratulations to our Captain’s Choice Recipients!

The TCC Captain’s Choice Award is a special recognition of outstanding performance in the workforce. At the end of each quarter, our staff votes for two employees who have exceeded expectations in sales and customer service.

Josh Savory, Logistics Coordinator – Josh Savory grew up in North Kingstown, RI and graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2012. Today, Josh is the logistics manager for TCC. He oversees warehousing, repackaging, loading, and shipping, as well as the inventory for the local warehouse. Outside of work, Josh takes the time to enjoy and take in the landscapes that RI has to offer. Fishing, biking, kayaking and spending time at the beach are among his favorite pastimes. 

Tom Ultsch, V.P. Midwest Market – Tom Ultsch resides just outside of Pittsburgh, PA and has been with TCC for the better part of seven years. Today, Tom oversees the Midwest market for The Chemical Company and travels the country to connect with business partners and grow new business in the area.

Chemical Educational Foundation

Rhode Island State Challenge Sponsor & President’s Club Member

 The Chemical Company has partnered with The Chemical Educational Foundation (CEF). CEF organizes the annual You Be The Chemist Challenge®, a nationwide, interactive academic contest that encourages students in grades 5-8 to explore chemistry concepts and their real-world applications.
TCC is proud to be the Rhode Island State Challenge Sponsor, as well as a CEF President’s Club Member. For more information, click the logo to view the RI State Challenge.


The Chemical Company

30 Second Commercial Spot: “What Is Chemistry?”

Media Contact: Ben Sawicki
Marketing Coordinator
The Chemical Company

The Chemical Company Sponsors The Chemical Educational Foundation (CEF)

National Nonprofit Organization Organizes The You Be The Chemist Challenge®, a State and Nationwide Competition Engaging Fifth Through Eight Grade Students in STEM Subjects

Jamestown, RI–The Chemical Company (TCC) is partnering with the Chemical Educational Foundation® to sponsor the Rhode Island You Be The Chemist (YBTC) Challenge and serve as a CEF President’s Club member.

CEF’s most visible program, the YBTC Challenge, is an interactive academic competition that encourages students in fifth through eighth grade to explore chemistry concepts and their real-world applications. More than 60,000 students are participating in the Challenge program nationwide, with the series of competitions culminating at the National Challenge in Washington D.C. this coming June.

The Rhode Island Challenge will be held on April 25, 2017, at Park View Middle School in Cranston, RI at 7pm. The student who wins the title of Rhode Island State Challenge Champion will move on to compete at the National Challenge on June 19, 2017. As the Rhode Island State Challenge Sponsor, representatives from TCC will be on hand to attend and participate in the event ceremonies.

About The Chemical Educational Foundation (CEF)
The Chemical Educational Foundation is a nationally recognized, award-winning nonprofit organization committed to enhancing science education among every generation, beginning with youth.

The Chemical Educational Foundation (CEF), a national 501(c) nonprofit organization, created the You Be The Chemist Challenge competition in 2004. The program is designed to engage fifth through eighth-grade students in the STEM subjects at an earlier age to create a better-informed general public and increase the number of students who are prepared to pursue STEM-related careers. Challenge competitions are held at the local, state, and national levels, and are sponsored by companies in the chemical industry and community organizations. For more information, visit chemed.org.

About The Chemical Company
The Chemical Company is an international chemical distributor founded and based in Jamestown, Rhode Island. TCC works closely with business partners across the globe to source, plan, and deliver high-quality products with excellent customer service. For more information on TCC, or to inquire about specific products, visit TheChemCo.com.


Media Contact: Ben Sawicki
The Chemical Company
Marketing Coordinator

Sustainability Along The Supply Chain

Recently, The Chemical Company’s (TCC) President, Robb Roach as well as TCC’s Vice President of Business Development, Ray Altenburger were interviewed by ICIS (Independent Chemical Information Service), a business unit of Reed Business Information.

Roach and Altenburger were chosen to discuss TCC’s core business practices, industry influence and our environmentally conscious protocol.

Click here to view the official article in PDF form or read the official article re-posted below:

Sustainability Along The Supply Chain

Growing pressure from consumers for ethical suppliers and sustainable products has chemical sellers and purchasers looking for ways to ensure they can communicate sustainable performance to the wider market.

Building in ideas and actions on sustainability across the board is helping create a green supply chain for the US chemical industry.

The concept of sustainability continues to grow in prominence in the public’s mind. Industry – especially the chem- ical industry – is having to step up its response in reply.

Buyers of consumer goods are asking ques- tions around sustainable sourcing of raw materials, labour issues, product safety and recycling. They are likely these days to base purchasing decisions on how sustainable they perceive the product to be, and indeed the company that supplies it.

The trend is a key one and has huge implica- tions for sourcing and purchasing along the chemical supply chain and the way chemical producers, distributors and users approach the way they do business and develop products. It also has huge implications for the transparent ow of information along the supply chain, and is leading to increasing use of sustainabili- ty questionnaires and even requests for audits.

“Green issues and sustainability have become mainstream today,” says Suzanne Shelton, CEO and president of Shelton Group, a specialist market consultancy in the sector. “They are no longer considered niche and are now incorporated into the very fabric of a business,” she told ICIS recently.

Shelton added that consumer surveys show that the reaction to sustainability is generally positive and that it has become an important part of corporate self-image. An increasing number of consumers are basing their purchasing decisions on perceived notions of a product and the producer’s green credentials, she affirms. A green image can thus be good for product sales growth. However, Shelton notes that companies need to ensure that they are indeed green and sustainable, and that they communicate an authentic message to this effect.


It is not just chemical producers that need to be aware of sustainability arguments. The concept is just as relevant in the chemical distribution sector. Indeed, given that distributors are a key link in the supply chain between principals and many thousands of smaller customers, they have an important role to play in ensuring the sustainability message is passed on through to the consumer. They also, of course, need to ensure their own operations meet sustainability goals, for their own long-term survival.

For Robb Roach, president of US-headquartered international distributor The Chemical Company (TCC), sustainability or a long-term approach has been the basis of doing business since the company was founded.


“I’m not a fan of trendy buzzwords, but there is no doubt that sustainability is the blood that courses through the veins of TCC. We’ve always been a sustainable organization.”

He views it as an essential component of the way TCC builds long-term relationships with suppliers and customers, how it runs its financial affairs, and operates its logistics and technical service and back-up systems. “We look at every aspect of the way we operate – it is all founded on 100% sustainability,” he adds.

Roach believes the focus on sustainability has to be the responsibility of everyone in the business. “We are a family-owned business that is focused on long-term relationships with customers and producing partners. We do all of our business based on a history of delivering on our word without fail.”

This idea of sustainability at TCC is also found in the career sustainability it provides its employees. “These range from those just starting out their careers to seasoned industry veterans that have been with TCC for decades,” Roach says, “many after spending the majority of their careers with a large producer or deciding to forgo retirement and continue a career with us.” The company prides itself on building a diverse team to build and learn from each other. This allows it to offer better service to customers and build a positive environment in which employees can choose to further develop them- selves and dedicate their careers to TCC.

“We really like to emphasize that sustainability in the supply chain ranges from the products to the long-term work force support- ing the industry’s success,” says Roach.

The chemical industry’s drive to greater sustainability does indeed involve actions across a broad front – from adoption of alternative and renewable feedstocks and ingredients to reduced energy and water usage and hence lower carbon footprint. Smarter logistics, increased recyclability and recycling, and safer and better working conditions also play a role.


The good news is that the industry is respond- ing to the sustainability agenda, spurred on not just by growing consumer demands but by global initiatives such as the UN’s Sustain- able Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, agreed late last year, and the EU’s comprehensive Circular Economy Package, which seeks to address issues surrounding waste by promoting resource efficiency and recycling.

The chemical industry views its long-term espousal of the voluntary Responsible Care initiative as a key part of its response to sustainability, focused as it is on continuous improvement of health, safety and environ- mental, and now security, performance. But there is a realization that the industry has to go further and meet the ambitions of the United Nation’s Global Compact and the Global Product Strategy under the umbrella of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). One recent development that is gaining traction is a consortium of chemical producers and suppliers that has come together to assess and improve sustainability performance along the supply chain.


Together for Sustainability (TfS) aims to drive improvements in supply chain sustainability and currently brings together 19 players in the chemical sector. These have agreed to adopt a harmonized set of assessment and audit processes, running on a common platform “to achieve significant, measurable CSR [corporate social responsibility] performance improvements in our supply chains” and “to move towards sustainable sourcing”.

TfS was launched in 2011 by the chief procurement officers of six multinational chemical companies: Bayer, BASF, Henkel, Evonik, Lanxess and Solvay. Today, its members have an annual spend of €200bn and have so far assessed 4,500 suppliers. It notes that 70% of these suppliers have improved their sustain- ability scores after evaluation.

The strategy is to develop and implement a global supplier engagement program to assess and improve sustainability practices within the supply chain of companies from the chemical sector. The program covers the areas of management, environment, health and safety, labour and human rights, ethics and governance.

TfS uses EcoVadis to carry out sustainability audits. Since 2011, 460 have been per- formed. Re-assessments have been conducted in Europe, Asia and the US and improvement has been recognized in all regions, says TfS.

“More than 70% of the suppliers that are assessed more than once by EcoVadis improve overall, showing a positive evolution in either one or more than one of the CSR themes considered (environment, labour practices, fair business practices and sustain- able procurement). This illustrates the potential of TfS to drive supply chain sustainability in the chemical industry.”

Although TfS members originate from the chemical business, suppliers in scope are not limited to chemical supply chains, but cover all industries relevant to the chemical indus- try, including wholesalers and logistics service providers.

Two-thirds of the assessed suppliers are small and medium-sized companies, which often scored better than large-scale enterprises. While the supply base is covered across all categories, it is at the same time covered glob- ally – TfS aims to assess and audit suppliers in all regions.

Recognizing the growing importance of sustainability as an issue overall and the develop- ing trend towards assessments, TCC decided last year to join the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) to access the benefits of accreditation through its well-regard- ed Responsible Distribution (RD) program.

Ray Altenburger, vice president for new business at TCC, comments that the third- party audit of its facilities and their policies and procedures was another step in TCC’s progression to become more professional and meet the requirement of its partners. “Today, suppliers want greater trace- ability, for instance, and [having RD accreditation] we have a high- er level of comfort when doing business.”

Robb Roach echoes this, noting that levels of reporting up and down the supply chain have increased substantially in recent years as sustainability has risen up the agenda.

“Transparency is a key aspect of the business right now and most producers and customers are aware of the importance [of sustainability] in the world and are leading the charge – we are champions in many ways.”

Internally at TCC, Roach points to many initiatives, from using fuel-efficient vehicles for sales people, encouraging effective travel planning and ensuring the trucks it uses meet all standards and regulations, right down to installing a water fountain in the head office to cut down on bottled water consumption.

“Today, suppliers want greater traceability… [to] have a higher level of comfort when doing business”

Vice president for new business, The Chemical Company

“We have also made a huge effort to be fully compliant on labelling and documentation and a large investment in EHS, and make every effort to support growing companies especially in hard-pressed economies,” adds Roach.

Altenburger also points to the fact that TCC has been handling recycled, green and biobased chemicals for many years from sev- eral of its suppliers. He believes this trend will continue to grow as customers look for sustainable options and solutions.

As Roach concludes, “The key thing is that sustainability is not a new thing for TCC – it’s just the natural thing to do.”

That’s hard to argue against of course. Virtu- ally all chemical and chemical distribution companies these days will have an eye on the sustainability argument and trends. What is shifting fundamentally now perhaps is the focus on individual company performance as in the past, to supply chain performance today.

This is going to take a lot of cooperation and communication, but in the end, those companies that get involved will secure those customers that all players in the chain need to thrive – those at the end of the value chain. And the ones, as we saw at the top of this article, that are increasingly basing purchasing decisions on their perceptions of the prod- ucts’ and producers’ green credentials.

TCC – International Distributor Built By Relationships With Established Suppliers

The Chemical Company (TCC) is an international disturber of chemicals and raw materials. We represent domestic and international suppliers producing the highest quality products to service our customer’s needs.

A great question we receive from our potential customers asks, “Why should we choose to purchase from a distributor instead of buying directly from a supplier?” While buying direct is an option, several factors should be considered to ensure that your needs are met, and your products arrive at the right place as scheduled.

Supplier’s main focus is research and production

At TCC, we have been sought out by dozens of suppliers to access the knowledge and expertise built into our sales team. The services we offer allows suppliers to focus on the quality of the products they manufacture without losing personal contact with their customers.

We offer customers unique views of products, not only offering what we have but rather what would fit their needs best. Our team can assess the needs of prospects and customers by analyzing formulas to recommend new product combinations or enhancements. Our focus at TCC is our customer enabling our suppliers to focus on the research and execution of their products.


Distributors like TCC have a team focused on logistics. You receive notifications regarding your shipment and notification if situations change during transit. The most important pain point we solve for our customers is a change in their delivery. We offer an array of accommodating services for our customers. In many instances, our flexibility drives customers to choose TCC.

On several occasions, customers have placed orders and when the delivery date arrived their tank at the delivery location was full or had a tank that took priority that needed the delivery more. At TCC, we have a different approach to the supply chain. In an instance like the aforementioned example, we have seen suppliers disregard the needs of the customer, and the delivery location would remain unchanged. It would arrive at the original location specified, and the customer would be in charge of re-routing the remaining product.

Our customers have a very different experience. As a distributor, we have a lot of flexibility to meet our customer’s needs. There have been instances like the preceding example; a customer requests a delivery location to change or to add a stop along the delivery line. We have re-routed product, we have moved containers around to accommodate a full tank waiting for the new opportunity to fill.

Logistics and chemical supplier

Two teams providing personal & efficient service

TCC Sales Team

Our sales team’s focus is on providing you with products that enable your business to grow. With a wide variety of products, our team can assess your products and end-uses to determine the most valuable combination of chemicals or raw materials to meet your needs. Since our focus is customers and not a supplier’s, we are not limited to recommending one specific product line to meet your needs. Variety is key when each and every customer is unique. 

Customer Service

Our customer service team is focused on your orders. From billing to specific logistics needs, these TCC team members have been focused on product delivery for decades. Our team is available 24/7 by phone or email to ensure your specific needs are met.

Distributors offering an array of products to meet all needs

Chemical, composite and plastic products to fulfill bulk needs.Purchasing managers in need of multiple products may face the choice of managing multiple suppliers to obtain the products or choosing a distributor to handle the purchase and delivery of all of the products needed.

Distributors like The Chemical Company offer companies the ability to make one phone call and have an order delivered. Furthermore, the delivery of multiple products sourced from multiple suppliers can also be ordered in that one call.

TCC—An Environmentally Conscious Company

The concept of being environmentally responsible has permeated the public’s consciousness and has influenced several industries to become more aware of their responsibilities. For some companies and industries, becoming environmentally responsible requires major decisions and adjustments, equating to years for changes to take effect. The chemical industry is no exception. The Chemical Company (TCC) is proud of its decades of encouraging an environmentally conscious protocol and continues to be part of the industry’s movement.

In reflection, we have found that many of our efforts follow this mindset. As our President, Robb Roach recently discussed in an interview with ICIS, that our environmentally friendly achievements had surpassed this trend. Our environmental accomplishments reach back to years of sub-conscious striving to be a well-run company.


Travel is a necessary part of doing business for many organizations. Our team travels daily to local and distant destinations to speak directly with customers and producing partners. We encourage planning trips with less flying and longer stays to do our part in reducing emissions from frequent flights. Many of our sales team members enjoy discovering new locations while meeting with several different companies during a trip.

Other environmentally friendly considerations during travel

  • Provide fuel-efficient vehicles for our sales team
  • Work with reputable shipping companies whose trucks meet all standards and regulations
  • Encourage carpooling – Some of our team members have carpooled to our office headquarters for years to save on gas and reduce emissions while adding some pre-work team bonding to their commute.


TCC offers over a dozen different product lines to meet our customer’s needs. We focus on several industries and specifically provide options to source recycled or bio-based products in our array of offerings.

We value having a variety of products in our portfolio to provide our customers with multiple options to fulfill their requirements. A few examples of products we offer that are recycled or are used to develop environmentally friendly products are below:

  • Sustanol
  • Bio-based derived from malaises
  • Bio content in the bottles
  • BIO PG
  • Propylene Glycol derived from glycerin
  • Bio-succinic acid
  • Citric Acid – fermentation process (corn production mid-west)


The Small Details

As a large company, we understand that little details add up to a big impact. The small efforts of many drive the difference. At our yearly convention, and monthly during team updates from our principals, we remind our teams from across the country to take small, efficient steps.

  • A filtered water fountain in the head office reduces bottled water consumption
  • Printing and paper are limited to vital documents, opting to use a shared drive to access important documents and files.
  • We plan carefully for events and tradeshows. Our marketing team considers promotional product options, booth construction, and other details to opt for a lean approach to show preparation.

This article sparked further discussion amongst our team at headquarters, and we heard a great story to share.

Our Marketing Manager, Jessica Baker, noted that while attending the IFT trade show in Chicago, Illinois, she opted for public transportation instead of taking an Uber or renting a car for the week.

“I enjoy functioning as a local when I visit a new city. In Chicago, the O’Hare International Airport is about an hour drive from downtown Chicago, especially during high traffic times. For $5, I took the “L” blue line, similar to Boston’s subway system, although above ground. It was faster, and I enjoyed seeing more of the city this way.”

We are proud to have a team that endeavors to be environmentally conscious whether that be with small daily efforts or looking to source new bio-based products for our customers.

Press Release: The Chemical Company Announces Product Expansion with INVISTA’s Adi-pure® Adipic Acid

The Chemical Company (TCC), a global chemical distributor and INVISTA S.à r.l., one of the world’s largest integrated producers of chemical intermediates, polymers and fibers, have entered into an agreement that will enhance TCC’s sales and marketing efforts for Packaged/Merchant Adi-pure® adipic acid.

Jamestown, RI: The Chemical Company and INVISTA have entered a multi-year agreement for packaging and resale of Adi-pure® adipic acid. The Chemical Company will resell Adi-pure® adipic acid to a majority of packaged customers.  TCC packages will include 25 kg and 50 lb. small bags, as well as 500 kg and 1,000 kg sacks of both Type B and Type D Anti-Static.

“The Chemical Company and INVISTA have had a long and mutually beneficial relationship for the resale of Adi-pure® adipic acid. TCC has the assets, manpower, and sales and marketing expertise to better serve certain segments of the package Adi-pure® adipic acid marketplace,” stated Kevin Kenaley, global product manager for INVISTA’s Adi-pure® adipic acid.  “INVISTA will focus on the production of Adi-pure® adipic acid and sales to a select group of customers, including sales in railcars, bulk trucks and big bags.”



The Chemical Company offers customers and potential new clients a reputation built on integrity and outstanding customer service to strengthen and sustain their packaged Adi-pure® adipic acid supply.

About The Chemical Company
The Chemical Company is an international chemical distribution firm based in Jamestown, Rhode Island with worldwide regional offices and warehouses. TCC’s foundation of ethical business practices was designed to foster steady growth supported by a vested and dedicated long-term work force. TCC has consistently provided clients with high- quality products and superior service in the chemical industry for close to 30 years. For more information, visit 
thechemco.com, https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-chemical-companyand https://twitter.com/thechemicalco. 

Adi-Pure® Adipic Acid Sales Contact:
Ray Altenburger
The Chemical Company
Direct: 401-360-2855
Cell: 201-602-5092
Customer Service Contact:
Ingrid Hannon
The Chemical Company
Direct: 401-360-2828table style=”width: 100%;”>


With leading brands including LYCRA®, COOLMAX®, CORDURA®, STAINMASTER® and ANTRON®, INVISTA is one of the world’s largest integrated producers of chemical intermediates, polymers and fibers. The company’s advantaged technologies for nylon, spandex and polyester are used to produce clothing, carpet, car parts and countless other everyday products. Headquartered in the United States, INVISTA operates in more than 20 countries and has approximately 10,000 employees. For more information, visit INVISTA.comFacebook.com/INVISTAglobal as well as Twitter.com/INVISTA.

The View: Best Of October

What’s Happening At TCC?

K-Show – Guten Tag!kshow-booth2016

For the first time ever, TCC hosted an exhibit at the K-Show in Dusseldorf, Germany. Over 230,000 visitors with ties to the rubber and plastics industry navigated the halls of the Messe Dusseldorf. Our international sales team valued face-to-face interactions with customers and suppliers from around the world and enjoyed the hospitality offered at the U.S. Pavilion Exhibitors lounge. In their spare time, our team explored the city sights, especially the promenade along the Rhine River. 


TCC Recently Sponsored Project Scientist’s Charlotte Excursion

“It was an eye-opening day to see such enthusiasm from children as young as five-years-old asking women on the trading floor about their experiences” reflected Jessica Baker, TCC Marketing Manager. “Project Scientist’s emphasis on molding a better future for the next generation is precisely the passion that fueled our team at TCC to start our Love Chemistry campaign.”

The Annual Colorado Hunt

Our crew of customers, employees, and suppliers headed to Colorado this October to enjoy a week outdoors. It was a record-breaking year for the crew as they brought home the largest amount of game in the trip’s history, which will feed many families in the months to come. The week was filled with comradery, early mornings, and plenty of camouflage.

New Videos


Welcome Jill Goldstein, Our New Customer Service Team Member

Jjill_goldill is responsible for a variety of products at TCC, including urea, melafine, and Nature Flexx 509. Since graduating from college, Jill spent eight years with the Town of Jamestown implementing recreational programs and hosting events for the youth and adults of her hometown. She has lived in Jamestown since she was 13, and currently lives on the island with her six-year-old son, Dylan. She enjoys running, watching the Red sox and Patriots, and Sundays with her family. Jill decided to join the TCC team to make a change that advanced her career. The fact that TCC headquarters is in her hometown was a fortuitous perk. 


Several New Additions To The TCC Family: Ray Altenburger, VP Of Business Development celebrated many milestones this summer with his family.

Erin Altenburger married Luke Forster, originally from Australia. Eileen (Altenburger) Gerbay, married to Remy Gerbay and
living in London, are now the proud parents of
Ray’s new grandson, Louis August Gerbay, born on the 4th of July.
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Three Advantages of Choosing a Mid-Size Distributor

A current trend throughout the business arena is to consolidate small to mid-size distributors to form large conglomerates and publicly held companies with massive buying power. The chemical industry is being affected by this dramatic change. Big distributors are emerging that use the appeal of large orders to squeeze manufacturers and suppliers to lower their prices. This raises a few questions. Are strong-arm tactics designed to save customers a few dollars with no regard for the future of the industry, good for business? Is the risky business of fast lane growth worth sacrificing long established personal relationships due to automation? These things happen when public companies are fulfilling their obligations to stockholders.

1. The Privately Held Mid-Size Distributor

Doing business with a mid-size distributor definitely has its advantages. Many are privately held, allowing customers to develop personal relationships with their distributor built on trust and transparency. Relationships with no hidden agendas or stakeholders influencing supply.team-collaboration

Employees in mid-size, privately held companies have more decision power when working with customers, e.g., TCC functions as a flat organization. No wall structured management system exists to stifle communication between sales, employees, and the key principals. Pricing and supply is transparent and openly communicated between everyone involved in all business transactions.

TCC is also committed to staying privately held. In this market of acquisition, many customers are fearful of a disruption in their supply chain. If their distributor is consolidated, their fears are justified, i.e., If a needed item is in short supply, the companies with the biggest orders are filled first when buying from a big distributor. Others have to communicate with voice mail and email to find out why they were back ordered and when they can expect delivery. Electronic voices and automated systems can be frustrating when answers are needed right away. 


2. Offering more than just products, Mid-Size continues to offer better Customer Service

As companies grow by acquisition, so does the difficulty to reach sales contacts and customer service representatives. Whether it’s due to fast lane expansion or lack of infrastructure, many companies have outsourced customer service and/or eliminated telephone operators. During normal day-to-day activities, this may not be a factor. However, in times of immediate need, the strain will be felt. Again, transfers from voicemail upon voicemail through an automated system or recording can be discouraging. 

Many mid-sized companies like TCC believe in the appeal of personal customer service. People like to talk to people when communicating by telephone. At TCC, we provide a 24/7-phone service. Monday through Friday 8-5 PM EST, live customer service representatives answer calls. During non-business hours, callers are directed to an answering machine that is immediately forwarded to the head of customer service as well as to our president. A live representative will return emergency calls within the hour and all other calls the next business day. Many mid-size distributors like TCC offer multi-lingual representatives so customers can converse in their native languages, and do business comfortably.

Our sales employees go beyond the needs of customers and potential customers. We believe in helping people and answering inquiries even if they don’t generate sales.


A great example of this policy comes from one of our sales VPs, A.J. Petrarca: “We often receive call inquires regarding small quantities. In some cases, we can customize our options to service needs, although occasionally, the quantity is too small. I always take the call, listen to the company, and make my best recommendation to where they can source their product. In my opinion, it’s just being a person helping another person. It’s not always about the sale.”

That small extra step, to help someone in need, has paid dividends that are beyond measure. At TCC, we keep old school calling as a primary option to contact us. We will never be so large that we compromise personal service.


3. Fulfilling an array of product needs met by distributors trusted relationships with multiple suppliers

Mid-size distributors like TCC are always open to adding more products and services. That’s why developing trusted relationships with multiple suppliers is so important. We can communicate customer needs to manufacturers so they can work on developing new innovations that will improve the industry.

Some publicly traded companies attempt to strong-arm suppliers by holding large volume orders over their heads, while mid-size distributors develop strong relationships with their producing partners. Negotiations and discussions are not based on the quantity the distributor will purchase if they don’t agree to a specific price. Instead, the focus is on finding a middle ground so that both companies benefit. A lower price in the short term appears great, although it’s very difficult to start from scratch if a supplier goes under. At TCC, we believe that a business deal is only good if it is good for everyone involved.

Our goal is to fulfill our customer’s needs while insuring the growth and stability of our suppliers and the industry.


TCC Recently Sponsored Project Scientist’s Charlotte Excursion

The Chemical Company (TCC) recently sponsored 45 young Scientists from Project Scientist on their STEM expedition in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our Marketing Manager, Jessica Baker, volunteered during the event, working with the project members during activities and chaperoning their fossil hunt through the city.image1 TCC joined forces with Project Scientist, a non-profit organization working to change to the worldview of ‘who’ a scientist is and ‘what’ a scientist does. The founder of Project Scientist, Sandy Marshall, is also the Executive Director and Founder of The NASCAR Foundation. While facing years of gender stereotyping and a lack of role models, she learned of the disadvantages women experience in STEM careers. During the years that followed, Marshall developed Project Scientist to promote and reinforce young girls and women’s interests in STEM.

The Project Scientist mission follows our TCC Love Chemistry campaign focused on promoting chemistry and science to younger generations. We teamed with this non-profit to enable groups of young ladies to continue to pursue their interests in STEM.

On October 3, 2016, TCC sponsored the Project Scientist Charlotte City Expedition, which included exploration of the city and an inside look at the trading floor of a major financial services company.

City Discovery Walk

img_1633The day began and ended with a discovery walk of stones and fossils spread throughout the city. Scientists were intrigued by the incorporation of reclaimed stones featuring trace fossils that were used to construct new buildings. Also along the walk were several stops including the Ritz Carlton and the Arena Plaza, which highlighted stone ranging from 460 million to one billion years old.

Life On The Trading Floor

img_1631Mid-day, the group of young scientists arrived at the Duke Energy Building in Uptown to hear recounts from several female senior executives. These financial service representatives discussed their paths and experiences that led them to their current positions. Following presentations, each scientist received ten mock one hundred dollar bills that they used to purchase candy bar stocks. They explored the concepts of supply and demand as well as grasped the in-depth details of the strategy of ‘buying low and selling high.’





img_1610Once these concepts were studied, the group explored the building and spent a large chunk of time on the actual trading floor. This was their opportunity to experience the fast-paced, information-filled environment by walking the rows and speaking with sales as well as purchasing members.

The day concluded with time on the playground to release some final energy from the day before leaving with their parent or guardian to recap the day’s events on their way home.


The Future Of TCC’s Love Chemistry campaign

“It was an eye-opening day to see such enthusiasm from children as young as five-years-old asking women on the trading floor about their experience and day-to-day activities” reflected Jessica Baker, TCC Marketing Manager. “This group of girls re-ignited my passion for STEM. These young scientists took careful notes to recap the day to their parents and to reference details in the future. I plan to continue to volunteer for Project Scientist in any way I can; its emphasis on molding a better future for the next generation is precisely the passion that fueled our team at TCC to start our Love Chemistry campaign.”


October Has Arrived!

Propylene Pricing Update

After long discussions, the US September propylene contract is on the verge of agreeing to a price increase of 6¢/lb. ($132/t). The agreement advances the price of polymer grade propylene to 43.0¢/lb. ($948/t) and the chem grade to 41.5¢/lb. ($915/t). As noted in the monthly report, supplies remain tight and producers have moved very little from their original stance. Propylene contract pricing has increased 11.5¢/lb. ($254/t) since the beginning of the year, with over one-half of the increase occurring this month.

In Europe, the October contract price discussions continue. Although talk of increases of €30/t and €40/t have allegedly been agreed, an apparent resolution has yet to be reached. This would indicate either €720/t ($806/t) or €730/t ($818/t) could be the result. Obviously, this is well below the US settlement for September.

In Asia, the Shell cracker in Singapore is rumored to be down this week. While speculation in the marketplace regarding timing for restart is abundant, no official timeline has been given. At this point, there has been no real reaction in the spot propylene market, which is actually a bit lower than 10 days ago when it was around $850-870/t CFR.

Upcoming Events

September provided a great start for the TCC fall season, and October is off to another busy month. Our team will travel both domestically and internationally as they journey to a number of exciting locations and events this October:

Earlier This Month: Price Alert

  • Propylene
  • Methanol
  • DPHP
  • DOP
  • DOTP
  • TOTM
  • DOA
  • Trimellitates

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Last Month: Specialty & Agro Chemicals America

AJ Petraca, General Sales Manager, Ray Altenburger, Vice President Business Development, and salesmen, (TITLE and NAMES) attended the Specialty & Agro Chemicals America exhibition from September 7 to 9 in Charleston, South Carolina. The team filled their free time meeting with both customers and suppliers at the event. While at the booth, they met with companies in need of a variety of products for a wide range of end uses. After the event, reviews from the team proved invaluable. TCC will definitely be attending next year’s show.

What’s happening at TCC?

24th Annual Gemini Golf Tournament

 The Chemical Company attended the 24th Annual Gemini Golf Tournament on September 11, 2016. Regional Marketing Manager, Cory Mullins, proudly represented TCC and brought Titleist golf balls as well as TCC markers and golf tees as gifts for the tournament players.

Event highlights

New Mexico TripNM Photo

Robb Roach, TCC President, and Nick Roach, CEO, headed to New Mexico this September, to spend time in the great outdoors. They took their yearly hunt to Vermejo Ranch, located in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. The ranch, spanning over 585,000 acres, allowed them to take home memorable elk. This annual adventure gives the men an opportunity to bond as well as plan for the company’s future.

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