Shale Oil & Gas

All eyes are on falling oil prices and related markets—mainly, the price of gas at the pump. However, industry insiders are concerned with how, why and the near future of the oil and gas market. Apparently, the price of oil by the barrel and gas by the gallon are the only two things falling. The […]

The Economy

Everyone seems to cautiously agree that the economy is in better condition than it has been for nearly a decade, but the question of sustainability has as many answers as it has opinions. And the reasons for the modest growth are as disparate as the people giving them. Isn’t it ironic that one of the […]

Shale Oil & Gas: October 2014

From an oil glut causing a possible bear market threatening to pop the U.S. oil bubble to Canadians circumventing Keystone XL, and China sitting on the world’s largest oil and gas reserve but helpless to extract so much as a profitable drop—shale oil & gas owns the forefront of every news outlet in the industrial […]

The Future of Shale Oil & Gas—Opinions Differ

Ohio shale and gas production shifts south A Columbus Dispatch article by Dan Gearino said that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources report on second-quarter results show the center of Ohio shale development shifting south to Noble County and Antero Resources Corp. The top two natural-gas wells are located in Monroe County; both are owned […]


Shippers Balk at Soaring U.S. Rail Shipping Rates According to the America Chemistry Council (ACC), the average shipping cost per railcar has gone up 93% since 2001. Consequently, the buyer of a custom-order from Diversified gas didn’t want the expense of the huge freight bills, so it brought the manufacturing in-house. The report in Bloomberg […]