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The Chemical Company's response to COVID-19:


The Chemical Company’s response to COVID-19:

Security of Supply defines The Chemical Company’s global strategy to ensure safety, accountability, honest and long-term organic growth.

Our team includes a local, technical sales staff based throughout the Americas, a dedicated EH&S team, our integrated logistics managers, vertically integrated producing partners and our committed, high-quality customer expert team.

We monitor short-term trends and long-term opportunities, acting and investing when the market is right to bring the best value to our business partners and customers.




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Throughout 2018, The Chemical Company proudly promoted our Security of Supply campaign. In a year-long series of advertising campaigns with ICIS, we focused on the big picture, having our ad placements tie in to one another, bringing together the advertisements seen above in the same way we focus on the big picture in managing and ensuring supply for our long-term customers and business partners.

Contact us today to learn more about our commitment to Security of Supply, we look forward to speaking with you.