Compliance & Environmental Policies

Quality Policy

It is the policy of The Chemical Company’s executive management to provide a reliable and efficient service which meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations, while conforming to the company’s long term objectives and requisite statutory and safety regulations and to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level.

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Environmental Health, Safety & Security Policy

The Chemical Company will conduct our operations in a way that is protective of the environment, health, safety and security of internal and external interested parties. We will maintain a sustainability program that will serve as a framework to achieve the following goals:

Regulatory Compliance

We will identify, evaluate, and comply with all applicable federal, state and local environmental laws and environmental requirements of our customers as well as industry standards as applicable.

Prevention of Pollution

We will seek, first to cost-effectively avoid the creation of pollution and waste from our operations, and second, to manage remaining waste through safe and responsible methods.


We will strive to diminish our consumption of natural resources and continually improve our environmental performance.

Sustainability Program

View the stage-one release of TCC’s Corporate Sustainability Program, produced by TCC’s Regulatory Committee. 

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