1,6-Hexanediol is a low toxicity, water soluble, hygroscopic, colorless crystalline solid widely used for industrial polyester and polyurethane production.


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Molecular Formula: (HOCH2(CH2)4CH2OH)

CAS: 629-11-8
1,6-HEXANEDIOL is also identified by the synonyms Hexane-1,6-diol; 629-11-8; Hexamethylene glycol; 1,6-Dihydroxyhexane, and Hexamethylenediol.

1,6-Hexandiol’s long hydrocarbon chain gives the compound the ability to improve the flexibility and hardness of polyesters. It is also used as a chain extender in polyurethanes. The resulting modified polyurethane has high resistance to hydrolysis as well as mechanical strength, but with a low glass transition temperature.

Additionally, 1,6-Hexandiol is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of acrylics, adhesives, and dyestuffs. Styrene, maleic anhydride, fumaric acid, and unsaturated polyester resins have also been made from 1,6-hexanediol.

Consumer applications include use in the manufacture of ink, toner, and colorant products as well as for paint and coatings production.

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