Ammonium Thiocyanate

Ammonium thiocyanate is an acutely toxic, colorless crystalline solid that is soluble in water. The odorless inorganic compound has many industrial and consumer uses that include chemical analysis, photography, and as a fertilizer.

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Ammonium thiocyanate is a toxic, colorless, crystalline solid inorganic compound with the molecular formula CHNS.H3N or CH4N2S and CAS 1762-95-4. It is the salt of the ammonium cation and the thiocyanate anion. It is produced as dry powder, hygroscopic crystals, liquid, pellets, and large crystals.

Ammonium thiocyanate is very soluble in water and ethanol; soluble in acetone; highly soluble in liquid ammonia and liquid sulfur dioxide; and mildly soluble in acetonitrile.

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