Benzyl Dimethyl Amine

Benzyl Dimethyl Amine is a slightly toxic, flammable, colorless to light yellow liquid organic compound with an aromatic odor. It is used in the manufacture of adhesives and other chemicals.

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Benzyldimethylamine is a colorless to light yellow liquid organic compound with an aromatic odor. Its chemical formula is C6H5CH2N(CH3)2 and its CAS is 103-83-3.

The molecule C6H5CH2N(CH3)2 contains the benzyl group, C6H5CH2, attached to a dimethylamino functional group. It is primarily used as a catalyst for the formation of polyurethane foams and epoxy resins.

The amine is basic and undergoes quaternization with methyl iodide to produce the ammonium salt [C6H5CH2N(CH3)3]+I. These salts are useful as phase transfer catalysts.

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