ChemFlexx Dicarboxylic Acid Diisononyl Ester

ChemFlexx Dicarboxylic Acid Diisononyl Ester, also known as 1,2-Cyclohexane dicarboxylic acid diisononyl ester, is a plasticizer used in the manufacture of flexible plastic products as an alternative for phthalate plasticizers. The colorless, almost odorless liquid is not classified as dangerous.

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The molecular formula for ChemFlexx Dicarboxylic Acid Diisononyl Ester is C26H48O4. Its CAS number is 166412-78-8. This chemical is used in sensitive application areas to manufacture toys, children’s products, medical devices, and food packaging when an alternative to phthalate plasticizers is needed. The non-toxic water-soluble liquid belongs to the group of aliphatic esters.

This chemical is produced by hydrogenation of DINP /diisononyl phthalate in the presence of a catalyst, or the Diels-Alder reaction of a maleic acid ester with 1,3-butadiene followed by hydrogenation.

Please call (401) 360-2800 for details. This chemical is a clear liquid shipped in 200kg drums. Special packaging is available on request.


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