ChemFlexx DPHP

ChemFlexx DPHP is a high-performing and versatile phthalate ester plasticizer. It offers excellent plasticizing effect, which allows vinyl sheaths to bend and twist without cracking, an important safety feature for many end applications. With its tightly bound 10-carbon chemical backbone, ChemFlexx DPHP’s structure naturally bolsters the performance properties of vinyl, which include:

  • Greater durability
  • Extended product lifetime
  • Premium weather resistance
  • Excellent mechanical heat aging resistance
  • High UV stability & color security

This product is already well accepted in the marketplace, where it is replacing classified chemicals, including the once widely used DOP.

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High phthalate products, such as dipropylheptylphthalate (DPHP), are a new generation of alternative PVC plasticizers designed to meet modern safety regulations without sacrificing performance or quality. These products is already well accepted in the marketplace, where it is replacing classified chemicals, including the once widely used DOP. ChemFlexx DPHP is consistently chosen as a preferred plasticizer due to its technical performance, long lifespan, and wide versatility. Its overall durability and resistance to extraction, evaporation and migration are key attributes that distinguish its position in the competitive market.

ChemFlexx DPHP is often selected as the general-purpose plasticizer of choice given its versatility. It’s isometric C10 alcohol-based frame is generally easy to substitute into existing formulas and processing procedures, usually requiring only minimal adjustments.


Compared with other plasticizers, ChemFlexx DPHP provides a lower density that can be critical for applications that are seeking an overall lower weight. Due to its low density, the resulting larger volume of a PVC compound translates into an increase of pieces or square meters within an end application, such as plastic articles and foil product.

In screw processing, ChemFlexx DPHP contains compound benefits from its high bulk properties that support both a higher production output and lower torque.


ChemFlexx DPHP displays an excellent permanence at elevated temperatures. When used in applications where products are exposed to high temperatures, ChemFlexx DPHP’s low volatility properties enable products to be more resistant to natural degradation that also helps limit migration concerns and supports its durability. In addition, the product’s low rate of waste generation supports competitiveness by its extending its product lifetime.


Wire and cables

When mixed with PVC, ChemFlexx DPHP offers virtually limitless flexibility and maximizes the bend and twist of wire and cables without cracking. Manufacturers have the ability to select the precise degree of flexibility, both in sheathing strength and thickness, to meet the specific mechanical requirements of their end applications.

Liners, roofing & tarpaulins

As a component for roofing membranes and other outdoor applications, ChemFlexx DPHP provides a tough resistance to the harshest of weather conditions, including extensive ultraviolet (UV) and ozone exposure.


When combined with PVC, ChemFlexx DPHP can be used in underbody coatings, internal wires, passenger compartments, interior surfaces and small exterior trims and fittings.

As an ingredient to electrical wire, ChemFlexx DPHP is suitable when high resistance to degradation is required while maintaining the necessary flexibility to safely cope with mechanical stress and road disturbances.

Due to its versatility, ChemFlexx DPHP facilitates the unique specifications of difficult shapes and ranges of resistance found within automotive design, such as sun visors, arm rests, and window seals.

Applications Enhancements:

  • Minimize corrosion by protecting the metal underbody of a car
  • Helps vehicles reduce their overall weight


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