HMD – Hexamethylenediamine

Hexamethylenediamine (HMD) is a colorless crystalline solid organic compound with the molecular formula C6H16N2. Its CAS number is 124-09-4. The HMD diamine molecule is soluble in water and corrosive to metals and tissue. During combustion, HMD produces toxic oxides of nitrogen and has a strong amine odor. It is used almost exclusively for the manufacture and production of polymers.

CAS 124-09-4

HMD, 1,6-Hexanediamine, Hexamethylenediamine


Hexamethylenediamine’s primary use is for manufacturing unmodified resins, water treatment resins, resins used in paper manufacture and adhesive resins. Other applications include use as an intermediate to make polyamides with applications in fiber, plastics, polyurethane coatings and adhesives, specialty nylons (monofilaments and inks), and specialty chemicals (biocides, petroleum additives, and phenol purification). Hexamethylenediamine is solely an industrial product, not designed for consumer use. HMD is produced by the hydrogenation of adiponitrile.

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