The Chemical Company is proud to partner with Perstorp to support Pevalen in North & South America.

Pevalen is a high performance polyolster plasticizer, a perfect choice for sensitive applications including hospital flooring, schools and other close-to-consumer applications.

CAS: 15834-04-5



Pevalen™ represents the next generation of non-phthalate plasticizers for use in PVC. Soft, or flexible, PVC is widely used, and plasticizers account for a significant portion of it. Pevalen™ is revolutionary not only because it’s a true non-phthalate, but also because the manufacturing process is carefully considered to minimize the carbon footprint. However, our goal is to always evolve and develop more class-leading products that are even kinder to our environment. Pevalen™ Pro represents a huge step forward for our unique plasticizer molecule, and takes sustainability to the next level. It’s the same high performance plasticizer as Pevalen™, but it’s made from partly renewable raw materials which are sourced in a responsible way. This means that by choosing Pevalen™ Pro, you’re proactively improving the carbon footprint of your business.

Information via Perstorp is available here.


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