Silica Fabric

TCC’s full line of E-glass composites includes silica cloth for high-temperature applications, woven rovings, fabrics and chopped strands for reinforcement applications. Chopped Strands are also suitable for thermoplastic and coated with silane based sizing and excellent performance specifications.


Silica Fabrics is an industrial fabric used in insulation, fire protection and welding blanket applications. It can withstand continuous temperating up to 1800 degrees F. It is coated with an abrasion resistant coating called vermiculite.

Shipping Information

E-Glass Chopped Strands can be packed in bulk bags or composite woven plastic bags. Chopped strands should be stored in closed containers at a temperature between 10 and 40 degrees for no more than 12 months after production date. must be protected from frost and sunlight.

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Titanium dioxide, CAS No. 1317-70-0, occurs in nature as the well-known minerals rutile, anatase and brookite. It is additionally for its two high-pressure forms, a monoclinic baddeleyite-like form and an orthorhombic α-PbO2-like form, both recently found at the Ries crater in Bavaria. It is mainly sourced from ilmenite ore. This is the most widespread form of titanium dioxide-bearing ore in the world. Rutile is the next most abundant and contains around 98% titanium dioxide. The metastable anatase and brookite phases convert irreversibly to the equilibrium rutile phase when heated above temperatures in the 600–800 °C (1,112–1,472 °F) range.

Titanium dioxide has eight modifications. In addition to rutile, anatase, and brookite, three metastable phases can be produced synthetically: monoclinic, tetragonal and orthorombic, and five high-pressure forms (α-PbO2-like, baddeleyite-like, cotunnite-like, orthorhombic OI, and cubic phases) also exist.

Silica Fabric

High Temperature fabrics rated up to 2300  F. Commercial and Aerospace grades available.Composites_Silica1

  • Asbestos Free.
  • Chemical Compatible.
  • Low Thermal Conductivity.
  • Fire Proof.
  • Low Smoke Emission.
  • Resists Oxidation.
  • Available in different weights and thicknesses.
  • Preshrunk and non-preshrunk.



Weights Styles
221.45 oz
2.31 oz
3.22 oz
120 g/m
6.00 oz
6.00 oz
230 g/m
6.85 oz
9.00 oz
9.00 oz

E-Glass Woven Roving