TCC's Compliance and EH&S Policies

The Chemical Company is committed to environmentally sustainable & globally ethic business practices. Compliance & regulatory management is conducted by TCC’s dedicated EH&S management department.

In addition, TCC consistently monitors geopolitical trends and global litigation to keep TCC, and in turn it’s customers and business partners in compliance across international boarders.

Our Certifications & Regulatory Accomplishments

ISO 14001

TCC is in the process of securing ISO 14001 Certification.

The International Standards Organization (ISO) 14001:2015 standard identifies the requirements of an organization to develop, execute and continuously improve an environmental management system to conduct business operations in a way that enhances environmental performance. TCC is dedicated to leadership in the industry by adopting and maintaining processes that benefit our producing partners, customers and community by reducing environmental impact.

NACD Certified Member

The Chemical Company is committed to being an active member of the NACD. Member companies of the NACD must maintain an active program designed to minimize potential for incidents and promote continuous improvement to safety in the chemical industry. TCC recently completed NACD Third Party Verification to obtain NACD Responsible Distribution® 6th Cycle. TCC actively participates in NACD webinars and workshops in addition to attending the Regional and Annual Meetings.

Global Policy and EH&S Managment

Lead by EH&S specialist Matt Francoeur, TCC’s EH&S department closely monitors geopolitical factors that immediately, or indirectly affect the chemical industry.