Ep 007: July 2018 | The View from Jamestown: Podcast Edition

Market News:

Propylene up $.08: http://bit.ly/2zfuzgd 
Natgasoline Methanol Startup (ICIS): http://bit.ly/2NrUSCG
CVSA Safe Driver Week: http://bit.ly/2tZgLBc

Upcoming Events:

29th Annual Vinyl Compounders Conference: bit.ly/2HjnObV
Southwestern Fertilizer Conference: bit.ly/2Js6dUg
Specialty & Agro Chemicals America: bit.ly/2HjnE4j
APIC: http://bit.ly/2uckw5y
APLA: http://bit.ly/2KRXT0C
EPCA: http://bit.ly/2KQ5zjV

Featured Products:

Elatur CH® : http://bit.ly/2KTSB1u
Driveron S® : http://bit.ly/2m3aC2N

TCC Notes:

The View, June 2018: bit.ly/2LYWu6i
TCC’s Regulatory Information: http://bit.ly/2zmxBiO
TCC’s Love Chemistry Campaign: bit.ly/2FpYPrp
Security of Supply | The Chemical Company: bit.ly/2DFdhps

Price Updates:

Courtesy of PetroChem Wire: bit.ly/2sFuZWl

Backlinks to TCC’s Podcast:

TCC’s Official Podcast Page: bit.ly/2GJMviM
iTunes: apple.co/2IzzhGd
Soundcloud: bit.ly/2HOI1XQ
YouTube: bit.ly/2uNQZma

The View from Jamestown: Mobile App

iTunes: apple.co/2rfyPWz
Google Play: bit.ly/2FAQwE0


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