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  • Understanding and Adhering to Global Regulations
  • Prop 65
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Russian Aggression

China Capacities – will they come to fruition?

  • No Gov’t bailouts – will private companies fail?
  • Economy waking up?

Oil Pricing

  • Steady and expected to remain in a narrow range for the near term future.
  • Fracking fizzle


Product News North America

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Epoxidized Soy Bean Oil: TCC offers bulk railcars, bulk and split (w/ dop and dinp) trucks, drumms and totes to North America.

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TCC_Home_Highlights_AmericasProduct News LATAM


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Critical Raw Materials Markets


March contract benzene closed at US$2.04 and US$2.08/ gallon. Spot pricing has pushed higher throughout March and is currently in the $2.55- $2.60 range hence we expect a strong increase for April contracts. Margin depression has pushed benzene prices higher and this trend should continue.

(2015) U.S. benzene contracts for January settled down a whopping $1.17/ gallon to US$2.20/ gallon from Decembers US$3.37/ gallon. Followed by an additional US$.19/ gallon for February to US$2.01/ gallon. February spot benzene is currently trading in the US$1.90- $2.00/ gallon range. The February contract price is the lowest benzene price in the past 5 years. June 2014 had the highest U.S. contract price of the year at US$5.28/ gallon. Prior months pricing: October $4.22/ gallon, November $3.85/ gallon and December $3.37/ gallon.

(AFPM2014)U.S. benzene contracts for March settled down $.14/ gallon to US$4.90/ gallon from US$5.09/ gallon in February. March MTD spot prices averaged $4.85/ gallon Compared to February’s $4.99. US pricing highest in the world. Less avail. due to lighter feeds. –

Normal buatane prices are hovering in the mid US$.60’s per gallon which is below the Feb. average of US$.70493 per gallon.

(2015)The plunging energy markets drove Normal Butane prices much lower. Currently Normal Butane is trading in the mid US$.60’s up to US$.80 per gallon. This is half of what it was trading just one year ago. –
(AFPM 2014)Normal Butane prices are trading in the high US$1.20’s. Pricing has trended lower recently and maintained its price below February’s price average of US$1.41 per gallon. –

US Contract ethylene settles down ½ cent to 34.75 cts./lb. del. for February 2015.

(2015)U.S. Contract Price for December settled down US$.0725/ lb. to $.3825/ lb. January followed with a US$.03/ lb. decrease to $.3525/ lb. February Spot ethylene is trading in the mid $.30’s/ lb. October 2014 settled at US$.505/ lb. And November 2014 at US $.455/ lb.

(AFPM 2014)U.S. Contract Price for February settled down $.0075 to $.495/ lb. Spot ethylene remains in the low $.50’s/ lb. but cas costs are down and buyers are expecting another decrease ($.02/ lb.). January settled at US$.5025/ lb. This was a $.02/ lb. increase from December. \

Natural Gas
Natural gas pricing has continued a slow trend lower for much of 2015 and just this week April contracts expired at US$2.59/ mmbtu down from US$2.786/ mmbtu the week prior.

(2015)Natural gas pricing started to trend much lower beginning mid- November and continued through the end of the year. Current NYMEX pricing is trading near US$2.95- $3.00/ mmbtu. Looking forward February NYMEX natural gas closed January 15th at $3.158/ mmbtu which is up from January 8th’s closing of $2.927/ mmbtu.


(AFPM 2014) April NYMEX Henry Hub settled at $4.369/ mmbtu. Strong demand and low inventories pushed pricing steadily higher throughout January and February with spot prices reaching $8.00/ mmbtu 3 times this winter. Current NYMEX pricing is US$4.47/ mmbtu. +\


WTI and Brent prices rebounded this week only to lose some traction at weeks end. WTI pricing passed US$52/ barrel Thursday March 26th but moved lower settling last week at US$48.87/ barrel. +

(2014/ 2015) Has crude pricing seen the floor and is on a rebound?? All indications are that this is the case. WTI dropped from the sub $100/ barrel level in July 2014 to almost $44/ barrel in late Janauary. It has since gained approximately 8% and has remained in the low $50’s/ barrel and most recently the high $40’s per barrel for the month of February. The stabilizing price has had its effect on derivatives which have also stabilized. +


(AFPM 2014)WTI crude moderated higher since mid- February up to $107/ barrel due to the Ukraine/ Crimea situation and a colder then average Winter. Prices have retreated some as crisis and cold wane but forward models show level pricing with an emphasis toward higher prices. Current WTI .$100- $102/ barrel.


March orthoxylene has settled at US$.395/ lb after a very rare split settlement in February of US$.35 and $.37/ lb. The increase is attributed to continued strength in xylene prices. +
(AFPM 2014)March contract pricing rolled at US$.585/ lb. April has not yet settled. Demand appears to be improving. \

US Contract price for March was concluded at $.49/ lb. for polymer grade and $.475 for Chemical grade. This is a $.015/ lb. decrease from February. Global propylene markets are close to parity.
(AFPM 2014) March contract pricing settled down $.015/ lb. to $.72/ lb. for Polymer Grade and $.705/ lb. for Chemical Grade. April contracts have been nominated by at least one producer at a roll. \