The View from Jamestown: January 2018

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Market Updates

$.05 January Propylene Increase

The Chemical Company President Robb Roach, and Polymer Additives Manager Tom Guadagno are anticipating a $.05 increase for propylene in January based on other raw material and energy costs, which will naturally affect products downstream.

Product Pricing Trends & Updates

  • Both crude oil and natural gas up, impacting downstream product
  • 2-EH & Butanol increasing 5 cents on 1/15
  • Propylene possibly up 5 cents for January 2018
  • Methanol up 20 cents for January 2018
  • Adipic Acid rolls for January, increase possible for February
  • Plasticizers mostly flat for January, increase possible for February
  • Continued Chinese product & plant shutdowns, costs continue to rise

$.20 Methanol Increase for January

TCC Methanol Product Manager Cory Mullins announced a $.20 increase for Methanol, effective January 1, 2018. Increased seasonal demand and tight freight demands contributed to the increase. Customers are urged to place orders early, with as much lead-time and flexibility as possible to guarantee orders and delivery dates.
Full release available via

Urea Available, In-Stock for Ice Melt

Product Manager AJ Petrarca has Urea in-stock and available for prompt shipment. Urea is the oldest commercially produced chemical, with the main use as a fertilizer, as well as in resins, adhesives and ice melt. For more information, contact AJ Petrarca today.

Freight Tightness Nationwide

With winter weather arriving, and slamming the East Coast this week, as well as newly-enforced ELD mandates and a low number of overall available trucks and truck drivers, freight and trucking is incredibly tight. TCC is urging customers to place orders with as much lead time, and flexibility in delivery dates as possible to guarantee product. For more information on impacts and requirements of specific products, contact your product manager today.

Positive Economic Outlook for 2018

As 2018 kicks off, the United States and the world as a whole continues to monitor global geopolitical issues, threats and trends, and one underlying theme is apparent-the anticipation of a strong economic 2018. While the aftereffects of President Trump’s new tax plan are yet to be seen, the all-time highs across the stock markets and consumer confidence indexes are impossible to ignore. Consequently, TCC is anticipating a strong year.

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Featured Products: January 2018

ADI-PURE® Adipic Acid

Dicyandiamide (Dicy)


All products are subject to availability, which fluctuates daily. Most products are available from TCC with approximately a one-week lead time.

For more information, click the graphic of the product, or visit

Monthly Market Movers

Crude Oil: $61.68 (+ 7.36%)
Natural Gas: $3.02 (+ 0.9%)
DOW: 24,920 (+ 2.5%)
Nasdaq: 6,807 (+ 3.76%)

As of: 1/4/2018, Yahoo Finance

Dollars & Cents

$1.00 USD =

.829 EUR
.739 GBP
112.802 JPY
19.35 MXN

As of: 1/4/18,

The Chemical Company is committed to giving back to our local community, and to the chemical industry as a whole. Our Love Chemistry campaign encompasses our fundraising and charitable efforts year after year. 

TCC Fundraiser Benefitting Newport, RI MLK Community Center

Latin American Operations Manager Javier Fernandez, who regularly volunteers at and works with the local Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center in Newport, Rhode Island, organized and fulfilled a fundraiser, raising over a thousand dollars in donations towards the center. For more  information, or to make an additional donation, contact Javier.

Local Chili Bowl Fundraiser Success During Below-Freezing New Years Weekend

TCC donated generators, heaters and other materials to local Jamestown “Chili Bowl Fundraiser” held over the New Year weekend.

Co-organized by Lynn Roach, wife of TCC President Robb Roach, the event was run and managed by local Jamestown youth to benefit local charity Lucy’s Hearth.

TCC Company News

Newest Member of the TCC Team

Customer Service manager Ingrid Hannon welcomes her new eight-week-old puppy to both hers, and to the TCC family!

Passing of Former Sales Agent Ken Peckham

The Chemical Company regrettably announces the passing of former TCC Sales Agent Ken Peckham, active with TCC from 2002 until his retirement in 2008. Ken spent his entire career in the chemical industry in one facet or another, and will be missed by his family, friends and TCC colleagues. Ken’s full obituary posting can be found here.

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