The View from Jamestown: June 2018

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Market Updates

The “New Norm” of Logistics, Downstream Effects on the Chemical Industry

The logistics industry is accustomed to seasonal tightness, as well as issues with specific lanes based on weather or laws that last up to a few months. Rather than typical tight conditions, the recent trends in the freight appear to be the “new normal”, with long-term downstream effects in store for the specialty chemical industry and beyond.

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U.S. & China Relations Improve, Tariffs Appear on Hold

In May, the Trump administration made meaningful actions to halt the looming trade war with China, leaning on both sides of the bargaining table to repair the relationship and proceed with the global economy in mind.

Both sides appear to have come to an agreement, with China agreeing to buy an undisclosed additional amount of U.S. goods in coming years.

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Introducing: The View from Jamestown Mobile App

The Chemical Company is committed to being more than a product and service provider. TCC strives to be one of your most valuable assets, by being a partner in all of your business operations.

As part of these continued efforts, we are proud to introduce our dedicated mobile application, “The View from Jamestown: Mobile App.”.

Pricing trends, market news and analysis, events and conferences, and much more is available through the app, along with additional features and capabilities in the months and years to come. Click the icon below to download.

Security of Supply | The Chemical Company

Security of Supply defines The TCC global strategy to ensure safety, and accountability as well as honest, long-term organic growth.

Our team includes a local technical sales staff based throughout the Americas, a dedicated EH&S team, our integrated logistics managers, vertically integrated producing partners, and committed high-quality customer expert team.

We monitor short-term trends and long-term opportunities, acting and investing when the market is right to bring the best value to our business partners and customers.

The View from Jamestown: Podcast Edition is our bi-weekly podcast series that includes content from The View, interviews with industry professionals and business partners, tradeshow previews, and much more.

Stream the June “View from Jamestown” podcast by clicking the image, or via the link below.

June 2018 The View from Jamestown Podcast The Chemical Company
The Chemical Company Weekly Market Update Benzene Ethylene Propylene PGP RGP Crude Natural Gas June 5, 2018

The Chemical Company produces weekly graphics with raw material market information and price changes. To follow along, follow TCC your platform of choice, including LinkedInFacebookInstagram & Twitter, and of course make sure you’re subscribed to The View.

Featured Product: June 2018

Mining Product Category

TCC is committed to continuous growth and expansion of our product portfolio, and the mining product category is our newest expansion.

Click the image or title above to view our expansive line of products for the mining industry. For specific product information and availability, contact product manager Javier Fernandez.

Old lamp in a mine


All products are subject to availability, which fluctuates daily. Most products are available from TCC with approximately a one-week lead time.

For more information, click the graphic of the product, or visit

Monthly Market Movers

Crude Oil: $64.75 / bbl
Natural Gas: $2.93 / bbl
DOW: 24,819
Nasdaq: 7,631

As of: 6/5/2018, Yahoo Finance (Approximate monthly changes)

Dollars & Cents

$1.00 USD =

.854 EUR
.747 GBP
109.756 JPY
12.397 MXN

As of: 6/5/2018,

American Coatings Show

Indianapolis, IN

TCC's Booth at NPE 2018

NPE 2018

Orlando, FL

The TCC team pursued a busy spring tradeshow schedule, attending the AFPM, American Coatings Show & NPE all in a matter of weeks.

We are proud to welcome all current and new business partners at each show, and are looking forward to following up in the coming weeks!

The Chemical Company’s tradeshow floor team at the 2018 American Coatings Show in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The View from Jamestown: Podcast Edition
Episode 006: The View, June 2018

Did you catch our Security of Supply campaign placement in the recent AFPM ICIS print magazine?
If not, click the graphic to learn more!

The Chemical Company is committed to giving back to our local community, and to the chemical industry as a whole. Our Love Chemistry campaign encompasses our fundraising and charitable efforts year after year. 

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