Strong Vehicle Sales despite Slowing EV Demand

Vehicle Demand Square - The Chemical Company

While general auto sales remain relatively strong, EV demand has continued to wane as consumers are more and more weary of the logistics behind charging, repair costs and general long-term maintenance. The pivot in type of vehicle in-demand will impact the outlook for auto manufacturers and their suppliers, from wire & cable to exterior coatings […]

Industries Anticipate Fed Comments, Eager for News on Rate Outlook

Fed Meetings Square - The Chemical Company

A wide array of sectors, ranging from chemical and raw material manufacturers to downstream industries like luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and construction materials, are keenly observing the Federal Reserve’s upcoming statements regarding potential interest rate cuts. These sectors, which are intimately connected to the housing and renovation markets, stand to gain significantly from any improvement […]

Mexico Surpasses China as the Leading Trade Partner of the US

Mexico Surpasses China Square - The Chemical Company

For the first time in twenty years, Mexico has surpassed China as the primary source of imports to the United States. This shift is attributed to several factors, including the ongoing diplomatic tensions between the US and China, which began with the imposition of tariffs by the Trump administration in 2018. Additionally, a change in […]