Evonik Launches New Ester Enhancements in the U.S.

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  Industry leader in innovative plasticizers announces premier, performance-driven products. In a pioneering move that further cements its position in the industry, Evonik, a long-established production partner for The Chemical Company, has propelled their innovative plasticizer, TINTM, into the global market. While TINTM may not be entirely new in the plasticizer market, its emergence as […]

Ocean Freight Rates Take a Dive

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Global import costs plunge following years of record peaks. In a new wave of economic developments, the American Journal of Transportation reports a noteworthy reduction in ocean freight rates during April and May.This trend aligns with a surge of low-cost imports washing onto US shores across a multitude of industries. Strikingly, European rates have sunk […]

Growth, Though Modest: What the PMI Index Indicates

Manufacturing Index Trends Upward - The Chemical Company

Manufacturing index climbs for the first time in months, amid other positive economic developments. Despite uncertain and conflicting reports from economists and various news outlets, the most recent PMI reports are casting hopeful glimmers on the economic horizon.After a dormant period starting in October, the PMI’s growth jumpstarted in April—ticking up to 50.2 from 47.1 […]

Inflation Rates on the Decline to begin Q2

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Recent inflation reports released this month have brought positive news, with the CPI dropping from 6% to 5%. While inflation still remains higher than the targeted rate, rates coming down will hopefully keep consumer optimism high, and an uptick in demand from many markets as the year goes on. It is worth noting that although […]

PGP Values Drop, after Unexpected Uptick in Q1

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After a steep, and somewhat surprising increase in PGP prices in the middle of Q1, Propylene prices have since dropped back to the low $.40/lb range in recent weeks. As also reviewed in our recent podcast episode with Kathy Hall (Episode 089 of The View from Jamestown, Podcast Edition), the spike in the middle of […]