Rhine River Levels Stress Supply Chains Further

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The Rhine River is one of Europe’s most important shipping routes – around 80% of inland waterway goods transports rely on this one river that passes through several major cities. Businesses and manufacturers depend on shipments they receive from these transports. The Rhine is particularly important for transporting agricultural products, commodities like coal and oil, […]

Covid Concerns in China Continue

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In China, the communist party is in fear that civil unrest could mean trouble for Mr. Xi’s historic third term later this year. China is the only major economy still prioritizing the fight against the virus above everything else, while the rest of the world has started to embrace a new normal living with Covid. […]

Stagnation is More Possible Than Recession

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“Everyone’s worried about either a brutal recession or rampant inflation,” stated CNBC’s Jim Cramer on air recently. “At these levels, many stocks already reflect a recession, so if we merely get a stagnant economy that will then reaccelerate, then stocks could go much higher.” Cramer has warned that current socioeconomic and economical events around the […]

Oil Market Remains Volatile

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After yet another volatile stock market session, U.S. oil has again dipped in price. This comes after U.S. oil inventories rose, and after U.S. inflation figures supported the argument for another Federal Reserve interest rate increase. Stock holders have been selling oil shares in worries that aggressive rate hikes will slow the economic growth and […]

China’s Zero-Covid Policies Reenacted

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China is re-imposing Covid-19 restrictions only weeks after reopening, raising concerns that the country may once again enact strict lockdowns. The mass quarantine measures in Shanghai have included highway closures, which have severely affected trucks carrying exports heading to ports. “Trucks loaded with cargoes and containers were unable to enter the Shanghai terminal,” stated logistics […]