Monitoring the Situation on the Rhine River

Rhine River levels continue to sink, forcing companies to seek alternatives for the freight they send up and down the enormous waterway. Water levels decreased again recently by another five inches and remains uneconomical for many commodity-hauling barges to sail through. “At the beginning of March, the ships could be loaded with roughly 2,200 [metric] tons,” said Christian Lorenz, spokesman for a company coordinating harbors and goods transport businesses in Cologne, Germany. “Because of the lower water levels, only around 600 tons was possible of late.” The challenges facing the Rhine is a common occurrence across the Northern Hemisphere this year as an unusually hot and dry summer has contributed to freight delays, supply shortages, and wildfires. While the Rhine River levels continue to decrease, there is room for hope: forecasters believe the river should soon rise approximately 16 inches above the critical level due to potential rain storms.
The Chemical Company will continue to monitor and report on the situation facing the Rhine River in Germany.



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