November 2021 – “Preparing for Year End & Q1 2022 ” | The View, Podcast Edition – Episode 064


Episode 064 of The View from Jamestown, Podcast Edition
November 2021 Episode

“The View from Jamestown”
Chemical Podcast

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Episode 064 | November 2021

– Natural Gas prices have leveled off, remain at historical
high levels impacting pricing

– China Winter Olympics February 2022 will continue to be an
issue for China availability

– Expecting Q1 supply to be even tighter as many decrease
inventories for calendar year-end

– Asia – US freight continues to improve on price and
availability, $12 – $14k currently



  • PLASTICS Compounders
    Conference: December 2021
  • Keep an eye out for 2022
    Tradeshows Soon!

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The Logistix Company

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