Predictions of a Drier-Than-Average Winter

third la nina scaled - The Chemical Company

2022 marks the third consecutive winter in which La Niña has occurred, creating warmer-than-average temperatures in the Southwest and Gulf Coast. From December of 2022 lasting through February of 2023, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in association with the National Integrated Drought Information Systems (NIDIS) predicts drier-than-average conditions across the South with wetter-than-average conditions for areas ranging across the Midwest. Drought conditions, that have been ongoing in the Western and Central U.S. since late 2020, could be further exacerbated by the predicted dry season. The NOAA even predicts that drought conditions could even expand into the Gulf Coast. An Article published by the NOAA reports on the temperature and precipitation outlook for the upcoming winter.


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