Sustainability & Plasticizers – A Conversation with Perstorp | The View, Podcast Edition – Episode 084

“The View from Jamestown” Chemical Podcast
Hosted by The Chemical Company
“Sustainability & Plasticizers – A Conversation with Perstorp”

Episode 084

Episode 084 includes a conversation with a key strategic sourcing partner, and good friends at Perstorp. Listen to Martin Hansson, Global Plasticizer Business Manager, and Todd Jones, Global Key Account Director & Regional Sales Manager chat about the global marketplace from their eyes, including both growth and slowing in various markets, Europe versus North American market dynamics, and a bright future in sustainable plasticizers.

– Global Marketplace Overview
– North America versus Europe – Supply, Demand and Production Outlooks
– A bright future in sustainable plasticizers
– Perstorp’s acquisition by Petronas


Martin Hansson, Global Business Manager, Plasticizers
Todd Jones, Global Key Account Director
Host: Ben Sawicki, Marketing & Sales Specialist, The Chemical Company

Produced by:
Kettlebottom Creative​



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