November 2019 View from Jamestown Podcast The Chemical Company

November 2019 | The View, Podcast Edition – Episode 033

The November 2019 View from Jamestown Podcast from The Chemical Company includes a discussion on the global chemical industry, including price updates, market trends, featured products and more.

Featured topics include:

– Global chemical storage industry expected up 4% over the next five years
– Supply chain management, “Security of Supply” and planning in 2019/2020
– Feature on ESO, and outlook on the soybean industry for 2020

TCC Staff includes:

Robb Roach: President
Ken Blanchard: VP Business Development
AJ Petrarca: VP Sales and Marketing
Ben Sawicki: Marketing & Sales Specialist

Pricing updates courtesy of PetroChem Wire:
Production by Kettlebottom Creative: