Balloons Sparks Global Sourcing Conversations

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The recent alleged ‘spy’ balloon from China shot down over the United States has led to several conversations in North America with regards to global supply chains. One specific dialogue is citing this incident as supporting evidence to diversify supply chains. Many trade associations, which have been arguing for the diversification of supply chains for […]

Calm Weather Impacting Gas Price Predictions

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Weather conditions across the United States have remained fair and calm for the beginning of 2023. Most environmental reports show that January through February have been at their mildest since 2006. Because of this, there has been a significant reduction in the consumption of natural gas for heating purposes. These factors have caused many natural […]

Recent Reports Changing Economists’ Minds

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Gross domestic product for the United States rose 3% in Q4 of 2022, which is slightly better than was expected and a positive trend even as consumer spending weakened. Orders for long-lasting goods were better than expected, and inventories showed a considerable increase. While inflation numbers indicated that price increases are slowing, they still remain […]