Benzene, Propylene, Ethylene & Styrene Discussion with Kathy Hall of Petrochem Wire | The View, Podcast Edition – Episode 075

“The View from Jamestown” Chemical Podcast
Hosted by The Chemical Company
Episode 075 | Discussion with Kathy Hall of Petrochem Wire

Join Host Ben Sawicki for a discussion with Kathy Hall of Petrochem Wire. With decades of experience reporting on and tracking markets including Benzene, Ethylene, Styrene and Propylene, Kathy Hall has her pulse on the global petrochemical industry.

Ben & Kathy discuss topics such as current Benzene pricing and the differing markets between the US and Asia, Kathy’s “first love” following Ethylene markets, as well as her perspective and outlook on all four raw materials to round out 2022.

Kathy Hall
Executive Director Product Management, Global Petrochemicals
Petrochem Wire
By Opis, a Dow Jones Company

Host: Ben Sawicki

Produced by:
Kettlebottom Creative​



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