LTL Shipments Face Headwinds to End Year

LTL Shipments Horizontal 2 - The Chemical Company

Navigating the world of LTL shipments has become increasingly challenging in recent months, especially following the closure of YRC.This complexity is intensifying as we approach the holiday season, traditionally a time of tight constraints in the shipping industry. Interestingly, while LTL shipments are experiencing a surge in volume, other sectors of the transportation industry are witnessing a decline.This unique trend has led to escalated costs and prolonged transit times for LTL shipments.

In response to these challenges, work are working hard in aiding its customers to effectively navigate this landscape. By identifying and utilizing excess capacity within the dedicated dry van market, TCC offers an innovative solution to move certain LTL shipments more efficiently.This strategy often results in enhanced service and faster transit times. Remarkably, in several instances, the costs associated with these alternative solutions have proven to be even more competitive than those offered by standard LTL providers.This approach not only addresses the immediate logistical hurdles but also presents a cost-effective alternative for businesses grappling with the dynamic shipping environment.



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