Myths & Facts on Phthalates: Part 2/3 of Phthalate & Plasticizer Discussion with Evonik | The View, Podcast Edition – Episode 073

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Episode 073 | Myths & Facts on Phthalates – Phthalate & Plasticizer Discussion with Evonik

Episode 073 is episode two of our special three-part mini-series with Evonik! This episode features a discussion on plasticizers, and more specifically the world of phthalates. Phthalates have become a commonly discussed material throughout society, and the Evonik team works to “de-bunk” myths surrounding phthalates in this episode.

Key Myths:

  • Does DINP leak or leach from product?
  • Is DINP prohibited in applications?
  • Should DINP be substituted away from?
  • Is DINP an endocrine disruptor?
  • Does DINP accumulate in body & nature?
  • Is DINP carcinogenic?
  • Is DINP considered safe?

Evonik is one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals. The company is active in more than 100 countries around the world and generated sales of €15 billion and an operating profit (adjusted EBITDA) of €2.38 billion in 2021. Evonik goes far beyond chemistry to create innovative, profitable and sustainable solutions for customers. More than 33,000 employees work together for a common purpose: To improve life, today and tomorrow.

Dr. Hendrik T. M. Fischer: Director Advocacy and Regulatory Marketing
Sanjay Kakkar: Business Director
Nadine Engel: Hazard & Risk Management
Host: Marketing & Sales Specialist Ben Sawicki

Produced by:
Kettlebottom Creative​



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