Stagnation is More Possible Than Recession

“Everyone’s worried about either a brutal recession or rampant inflation,” stated CNBC’s Jim Cramer on air recently. “At these levels, many stocks already reflect a recession, so if we merely get a stagnant economy that will then reaccelerate, then stocks could go much higher.” Cramer has warned that current socioeconomic and economical events around the world have compounded to what could lead to market stagnation in the U.S. He also warns that this stagnation could lead to an economic “re-acceleration” thus driving stocks higher. He later added that if the Federal government issues more than one “big rate hike” it could lead to more downsides in the market. Cramer has acknowledged that the future of the market is uncertain right now, with some investors believing that there will be a recession, while others believe in a more positive, federally issued outcome. A recent article published by CNBC reports on the most recent advice Jim Cramer has regarding possible financial outcomes.
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