EU Fighting Russian Oil with Green Initiatives

The European Union, in attempts to free themselves from dependence on Russian oil, are enacting greener initiatives with the incentive being to defund the Russian war machine. These measures, which were created by the International Energy Agency (IEA), could save each household up to £375 (approximately $483 USD) a year. The campaign smartly titled “Playing My Part” allows all Europeans to feel responsibility and pride in their efforts by creating a humanitarian approach with the added benefit of significantly lowering carbon emissions. “Faced with the horrendous scenes of human suffering that we’ve seen following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, people in Europe want to take action,” said Fatih Birol, executive director of the IEA. “This guide has easy-to-follow steps that with little or no discomfort on our part can reduce the flow of money to Russia’s military and help put us on a path to a cleaner and more sustainable planet.” These steps include making smaller environmentally-conscious choices like choosing public transportation, turning down the heat or AC, and “car-free Sundays”, among other actions. A recent article published by BBC outlines the green initiatives the EU is embracing, while detailing other financial stances they’re taking in opposition to Russia. 

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