Evaporating Rivers Causing Food and Energy Price Increases

Europe is worried because their rivers are running dry after a long period of unseasonably hot and sunny weather. This lack of water is not only impacting supply chains, but crops as well. Some waterway levels have decreased to a point where it’s impossible for any kind of vessel to pass through. Europe is currently experiencing the worst drought it has ever experienced in the last 500 years, according to preliminary analysts from the European Union’s Joint Research Center. Roughly two-thirds of Europe have been under a drought warning, which indicates that soils and vegetation are exhibiting visible signs of stress. Analysts have gone on to report that almost all of Europe’s rivers have dried up, while the heat has “visibly impacted” summer crops’ yield. This impact not only strains the ability provide food resources, but drives up food prices as well. An article published by CNBC reports on Europe’s drought and subsequent struggles with food supply.


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