More Bills Propose More Russian Sanctions

As Russia-Ukraine tensions continue to escalate, two new bills proposing further sanctions on Russia passed quickly through both chambers of legislation and are currently on their way to the desk of President Biden for review. Once passed, the bills will suspend regular trade between Russia and Washington and ban Russian oil imports. Four weeks ago, President called for the end of normal trade relations with Russia; Now, along with these legislative actions, the World Trade Organization will bring Russia’s status as “a most favored nation” to an end. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., proceeded to announce on the Senate floor, “Putin must absolutely be held accountable for the detestable, despicable war crimes he is committing against Ukraine: the images we have seen coming out of that country, especially out of the town of Bucha, are just pure evil.” A news article published by NBC News reports further on the details behind the two bills.
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