TCC Donates Binoculars for Environmental Education Programs

The Chemical Company recently donated 100 pairs of binoculars to several local nonprofit organizations. One of these organizations includes Save The Bay, a RI-based nonprofit dedicated to the education and conservation of Narragansett Bay.

Legal Counsel Karen Benson made the donation on TCC’s behalf. Benson met with Captain Eric Pfirrmann at the docks of Bowen’s Wharf to deliver the binoculars. Thebinoculars will be used on the Aleta Morris and the Elizabeth Morris, two vessels utilized by the nonprofit for educational boat tours.

Other local organizations receiving binoculars included the Martin Luther King Center and Newport Tree Conservancy. All three organizations intent to have thebinoculars used by adults and kids alike for whale, seal and bird-watching programs in efforts to educate Rhode Islanders about native wildlife.



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