Unusually Quiet Hurricane Season-But It’s Not Over Yet

Atmospheric conditions still suggest an above-average 2022 Atlantic hurricane season, according to NOAA’s annual mid-season update. While the NOAA continues to urge people to remain vigilant as we approach the peak months for hurricane season, experts have noted an unorthodox observation: though conditions in the Atlantic seem perfect, it’s been unseasonably calm. However, this observation may be premature, as there is still a strong possibility of storms before the season ends. There are several atmospheric and oceanic conditions that still favor an active hurricane season, one of which include La Niña. La Niña conditions are to remain in place for the rest of the 2022 season and could possible allow the ongoing activity conditions to dominate, or slightly enhance hurricane activity. At present, weather teams are tracking the path of an off-coast tropical storm named Fiona, that seems to be headed toward the Caribbean across the Leeward Islands, and possibly the peninsula of Florida. A weather update published by CNN reports further on the path of tropical storm Fiona.

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