Vital Natural Gas Line Stops Under Mysterious Circumstances

The Nord Stream pipeline is a pipeline that delivers gas from Russia to Greifswald, Germany; it is responsible for supplying approximately 35% of Europe’s natural gas. In early June of this year, the pipeline announced that it would be closing for 1 – 10 days for routine maintenance. It has since stopped supplying Europe altogether. The latest reason given for the shut off is that a leak has been detected in a turbine, thus making it difficult to provide the gas as needed. However, Siemens Energy, the company which produces the gas turbines, have gone on record to state that these types of leaks “Do not normally affect the operation of a turbine.” Other experts in the energy field have concluded that Russia, specifically Russian President Vladimir Putin, is fabricating the issue as a last-resort bid to manipulate gas prices and continue to fund the war on Ukraine. “This doesn’t seem like a legitimate reason to close a pipeline”, said Ben McWilliams, an energy policy expert at Bruegel. “I’m as confident as I can be that this is Putin’s latest move to manipulate gas prices and put pressure on Europe’s energy systems.” Putin’s spokesman has also stated that Western sanctions have played a part in the gas pipeline interruptions.  A spokesperson for the EU told the BBC that the sanctions regime does not affect the technology needed for the transport of gas into Europe.

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